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We are working with Alliance Derby to keep you safe. They are offering 2 weeks worth of free classes in self defence, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing by their 6 resident BJJ black belts, with every unit purchased!

Check out their Facebook page here…

About Letterbox Sentry

What is it?
Letterbox Sentry is a security device that enables you to control access to your letterbox, giving you peace of mind.

How it works?
Letterbox Sentry is installed on the rear of any standard letterbox and can be set to lock and unlock at predetermined times.

When in the lock position Letterbox Sentry will reliably sense tampering and trigger an alarm should someone try to gain unauthorised access to your letterbox.

– Timed access to letterbox
– Tamper alarm
– Reduce theft of keys through the letterbox
– Reduce junk mail
– Simple and easy DIY fit
– Peace of mind.

Our approved installers are UK Security Services, Keepsafe Security and NVC Security visit their websites to find out how to get your Letterbox Sentry installed.
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“Protecting People & Property”

More Info

We have recently had our first prototype made! Check out the pictures below and get in touch if you wish to pre-order for our first batch of units.

Stops Burglary
The letterbox sentry™ “TG1” & “FG1” prevents burglars from gaining access through the letterbox using a unique and automated design thus preventing “key fishing”

Combats Arson
Perfect for combating arson attacks on properties, the FG1™ will stop fireworks and accelerants being posted,
Automatically locking the letterbox should it detect any accelerant and setting off the inbuilt alarm.

Eliminates Junk Mail
Set the letterbox sentry™ to lock and unlock at desired times before the postman is due and early evening when no post is expected to eliminate all junk mail and unwanted objects from being posted in to your property…

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